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ETA price list - ETA F06.111 -Date at 6 prices $11.3/pc


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SAPPHYTIMES MOVEMENT  ETA price list ETA F06.111 -Date at 6 prices $11.3/pc description: 3/31/2023 10:52:11 AM
ETA F06.111 -Date at 6 price $11.3/pc
ETA Circuit replacement; Main plate, assembled ; Handsetting stem; Train wheel bridge, jewelled; Electronic module; Electronic module cover; Cannon pinion with driving wheel; Setting wheel; Minute wheel; Minute train bridge; Intermediate whee; Third whee; Stator; Hour wheel, assembled; Escape wheel, Additional intermediate wheel, Third wheel, Second wheel, Train wheel bridge, jewelled, Movement barrel complete, Ratchet wheel, Barrel bridge, assembled, Pallet fork for chronometer, - Main plate, assembled Handsetting stem Train wheel bridge, jewelled Electronic module Electronic module cover Cannon pinion with driving wheel Setting wheel Minute wheel Minute train bridge Intermediate whee Third whee Stator Hour wheel, assembled Battery Setting lever jumper Automatic device bridge, assembled Automatic device lower bridge, assembled Oscillating weight, assembled Cannon pinion with driving wheel Date indicator Date indicator driving wheel

Discount price: USD11.3/pc
Wholesale price: USD11.3/pc
Discount: 10%

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